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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Samovars V

I love samovars.  While I do not have one, I do like looking at them and taking photos of them.  See my prior blog posts:  Tea a la Russe,  Samovars IISamovars III, and Samovars IV.

On our summer trip through Siberia, we saw lovely antique samovars in the wooden village of Listvyanka and in an Old Believers museum near in Shaluty.  If you really want to know where these villages are, just go to the middle of nowhere and turn left.

Fabergé buzzer
When we returned home, as luck would have it, I visited the Bowers Museum in Orange County.  Until January, they have a small visiting exhibit called Fabergé:  Imperial Jeweler to the Tsars. This exhibit of pre-revolutionary decorative enamel and cloisonné objects includes lovely bells/buzzers including one in the shape of a samovar.  A nice feature of the Bowers was that I could take photographs (no flash). This is not the case in major museums in Russia, otherwise I would even have more samovars to savor.  

And what do you do if you have a working samovar?  Make tea, of course, and perhaps add some raspberry preserves to the cup, just like grandma used to do.  Or, if you have a Faberge buzzer, simply ring for tea.

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