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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


St. Basil's Cathedral
That old Beetles song "Back in the USSR" is running through my jet-lagged head.  Actually, we're back in the Russian Federation in Moscow.  It has been a gap of more than a dozen years.  After one long, long walk from our hotel to St. Basil's and beyond, I can't help but notice how much this city has changed, grown, and developed.  Even arriving at Sheremtyevo airport was an unexpected pleasure: the physical plant, the passport control and the whole arrivals process were so much better than in my past experience.  People and things look bustling and rich.  Good for them!

But, shock of shocks, my iPhone does not work.  I never doubted that it would ... it has worked seamlessly (if expensively) in Western and Eastern Europe. I gather this is an example of bad ATT Wireless, which does not have contracts with the local cell phone carriers.  It was easy to find a store selling Apple products and another selling all kinds of mobile phones. They are more expensive here than back home ... sometimes a lot more expensive.  I ended up not buying one -- each of the nice young salesmen recommended I use Skype via the wireless at my hotel because that should turn out a lot cheaper.  Nice guys.

Entrance to Red Square

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  1. Oh! I want to visit Russia some day! It is a country that has fascinated me for years. My grandmother is a German from Russia - Germans that went to live near Rosenberg, Russia, by the Volga River when Catherine the Great invited them. Some day I hope to retrace their footsteps.


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