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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Beautiful Belgrade

Yesterday marked the 13th anniversary of NATO's unjust bombing of Serbia, wherein both military and civilian assets were targeted. Oh, yes, NATO also "mistakenly" bombed the Chinese embassy.

Thirteen years later, I was gratified to see a country moving forward while not forgetting its roots or painful history. I was in Belgrade last week and had the chance to photograph some if its lovely architecture.

I took long walks in the chilly and often rainy weather ... starting with the massive and still-under-construction Church of St. Sava on Vracar hill ...
The Church of St. Sava
The Chruch of St. Sava (interior) 
The Chruch of St. Sava (interior)
 ... where I lit a candle for a recently deceased friend.

Then I participated in an International Women's Leadership conference at the National Assembly [Narodna Skupština] building,
 which has been beautifully restored.
More city views ...
The Nikola Tesla Museum
The Spanish Embassy and colorful neighboring building
Photos of buildings along the pedestrian-friendly Knez Mihailova and adjacent streets ...

"Meet me by the horse" is a frequent refrain, referring to the statue in front of the National Museum.
The library at the astronomical observatory on Zvezdara hill

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