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Friday, February 24, 2012

TSA Acts Nice ... Gasp!

Stop the presses!  

Pull out a Drudge-like siren!  

I went through security at LAX and was treated nicely!
Yesterday morning I was on my way to the east coast and at the last minute decided to carry my bag on board instead of consigning it to checked luggage. Tucked deep inside a suitcase pocket was my indispensable hair spay: a can of Tresemme 4.2 oz (119g) aerosol number 4 extra hold, extra firm control.

The bad news is that the small 4.2 oz bottle is a little too big under the TSA's carry-on rules. So, a TSA agent removed the can from my bag and then sent the bag back through the x-ray machine, probably to make sure that I was not porting more "large" cans.

Then he noticed my disappointed look. No doubt he read my mind that among the great inventions of mankind, right after the wheel, comes hair spray ... in an aerosol can (not in those always defective pump containers) and at a strength level sufficient to withstand gale force winds.

The agent, an older gentleman, proceeded to give me a short avuncular lecture about the size of bottles of liquid that are allowed in carry-ons. I wasn't really listening but thinking ahead to where I would be able to buy a replacement before the dinner I was to attend upon landing at my destination. I did hear him say something about buying "travel" size hair spray in the future.

Then, the unexpected happened. He gave me a smile, put the can of hair spray back in my bag, and passed me through security. Wow! A nice guy! A rational guy! Thank you!

Just a post to note that not all encounters with the TSA are weird.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Panforte ... I need strength

February has been remarkably busy. I wanted to learn more about social media and delved into Pinterest and Instagram. Though, I still can't figure out why I'd want to Tweet. Even with more familiar things like Facebook and blogging, I find that there is still a lot to learn.

Next, I was invited to be on a panel at the International Women's Leadership Conference to be held in Belgrade in March. I have been gathering my thoughts about management styles and my perspectives based on 30+ years of practicing law and working at home and abroad. I had a few challenges getting some quotes from books I'd read long ago and then could not find. For example, after my new copy of Dragonfly arrived, I found my old copy, which had been in front of my eyes on the same old shelf where I thought it should be. I simply don't understand why I could not "see" it when I was first looking.

Getting my travel arrangements also proved to be a bit of a challenge, including being on hold with United Airlines for nearly two hours. The "helpful" recording suggesting I go to their website was particularly irritating since my issue could not be resolved on their website and a real person was absolutely necessary.

So much to do, so much stress. When I found Panforte at Bristol Farms I practically jumped for joy. Panforte, which literally translates as "strong bread," is a Tuscan speciality made of dried fruits, nuts, spices and covered in a light glaze. Better than fruitcake, richer than candy. Yum!  I also found a Spanish variant made of dates pressed with walnuts, called Pan de D├ítil con Nueces.
Coffee, walnuts, dates, cinnamon, almonds, nutmeg, cloves, figs. Now I am calm and happy again.  My strength is back.

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