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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Luscious Cookbooks

In an era of ever more ubiquitous e-books, I still like the not-quite-old-fashioned hard-bound printed form.  This is especially true for cookbooks. Two early Christmas presents that I recently received are Turquoise  and Aromas of Aleppo.  These beautifully produced books with clear instructions and luscious photographs are simply wonderful.

In Turquoise, subtitled A Chef's Travels in Turkey, Chef Gregory Malouf and his wife Lucy travel in Anatolia and Istanbul finding interesting cuisine and then adding their own unique refinements and twists.  I made my own version of one of their salad recipes for a brunch last weekend ...
Aromas of Aleppo reminds me of my trip to Syria last year. Now, given the unrest and violence there, such a trip would be out of the question. But, I was lucky to sample the delicious and exotic cuisine of Aleppo and other parts of Syria. 

Aroma's of Aleppo, subtitled The Legendary Cuisine of Syrian Jews, written by Poopa Dwerk who lives in the New York area, is also intriguing since it focuses on a culturaly unique and historic interpretation of Middle Eastern. I recently made my own version of one of her recipes for lentils with rice and caramelize onions and added salmon poached in red wine on top.

So, if anyone is looking for beautiful cookbooks with recipes that work on the first try, I heartily endorse these.

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