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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Blog Stats for 2011

While sipping champaign in celebration of the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012, I am reviewing my blogging statistics.

I have surprised myself in that I have continued writing posts for this blog -- this is my 201st post. I remain most pleasantly surprised and happy that people read things I write.  THANK YOU!

While I track my readership statistics with two different tracking apps, which yield different results, the interesting thing for me is to see which posts are most popular. Sometimes I spend time and effort on a post that I really love, but no one else seems to.  At other times, a quick effortless post gets lots of attention.

The top 10 posts for 2011 (which include some posts published in 2010) are

  1. Esterhazy Torte
  2. Akhal Teke Horses
  3. Lomonosov Tea Set
  4. Paris - Flowers and Other Surprises
  5. Castles and Knights
  6. St. Nektarios
  7. Where I Write
  8. Monumental Architecture
  9. Tea a la Russe
  10. Poppy Seed Strudel
This is a rather eclectic list but fitting for my rather eclectic blog. Although my readers are from the US by a very long shot, I have gotten lots of hits from France, Germany, Canada, the UK, Russia, Australia and Italy. There are also visitors from   places as diverse as Latvia and Lebanon, Serbia and Singapore, and Poland and India.  I have also  gotten a few hits from "Other."  Hmm, I wonder where that could be?

A happy and prosperous New Year to all.

1 comment:

  1. I have been surprised at my blog stats, too. One of my most popular posts was about how Bugs Bunny can make you a better writer. Ha!

    Happy New Year!


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