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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Les Crayères

When in Reims tasting champagne or exploring the historic town, a great luxury is to stay or dine at Les Crayères. Located in the center of the city in a private 7 hectare park, this small chateau is famous for a wine cellar housing 400 different Champagne labels.

Everything about Les Crayères is elegant ...
except the marlin in the garden. That "artwork" didn't do anything for me as we sat on the terrace enjoying aperitifs in the soft evening light.
Fortunately, the dreadful marlin was quickly forgotten as we studied the menu.
Menus -- His & Hers
I find it both amusing and annoying that many places in Europe still give the man a menu with prices and the lady a menu without prices ... So, does that make my meal free?  Oh well, social observations aside, we began our dinner in the chateau's Le Parc restaurant. Delicious amuses bouches sustained us, while
we watched our waiter carefully pouring wine.
We stared with an artistically presented soup ...
next a bit of pasta and chicken or
followed by fruit (so healthy!).
Finally, I could not resist a desert that looked like a lounge-chair -- 
dense bavarian cream sandwiched in burned sugar and topped with ice cream and gold leaf.  Oh, la, la!
 A rather decadent end to a lovely day.

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