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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Tout Pour La Cave
Beneath the city of Riems, many famous champagne houses have their caves. We visited Taittinger. Mr. Wonderful and I thought it was interesting because Peter the Great had also been there.
There is an elegant and dramatically lit display of Taittinger bottles in the reception room where our tour began.
Then we descended to explore the caves, where we saw walls and pyramids of  bottles of various sizes...
The largest bottle of champagne on the left is called "Le Nabuchodonosar" (Nebakanezer) and it holds 15 litres or 20 ordinary bottles worth of bubbly.  Compare that to a Magnum which holds "only" 1.5 litres or 2 bottles.
The limestone of the caves keeps the air cool and moist.  The softness of the stone allows for interesting carvings and requires a chimney like structure in the deepest parts.
For more information on visiting champagne caves and vineyards, go to the official Chapagne-Ardenne region site here.

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