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Monday, September 5, 2011

Packing Browsers

If you read this blog, you already know that I often fume at hotels that charge extra for an Internet connection or that have poor Wi-fi. But, what if the Internet works and everything seems to be OK, but you still cannot connect?  

This connection problem happened to me in Bukhara at the lovely boutique hotel Sasha & Son. I had been off line forever (well, that's how long it seemed) and the frustration of not being able to connect was almost unbearable. Fortunately, the hotel staff were already familiar with this issue. They told me that I had to use the Opera browser.

Last year I had never heard of the Opera browser. I have grown up with Internet Explorer from Microsoft and then moved on to Safari from Apple and Firefox from Mozilla. Opera was something new. Once I downloaded it, everything worked fine ... although I reverted back to Safari and Firefox when I got home.

The pie-chart above shows the different browsers readers use when accessing this blog. There is more out there than I had realized, and Internet users in a local community can quickly tell you what works in their area.

So, when traveling to new places, pack an open mind and download a few extra browsers just in case. 

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