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Thursday, September 1, 2011

La Posta Vecchia

In Ladispoli on the Tyrrhenean Sea lies one of the world's loveliest small hotels:  La Posta Vecchia. It is 44 km northwest of Rome's Termini train station, and with good traffic conditions only 25 minutes from Rome’s International Leonardo Da Vinci airport and 20 minutes from one of Italy’s major cruise ship ports -- Civitavecchia.

The hotel, which looks like a perfect and symmetrical villa, is inviting from its open gate
to it's comfortable public spaces ...

and airy halls,
which had some of the nicest wall sconces ...
I want these for my next house!
We were taking a cruise with a group of people interested in history and art.  Before going to our ship in Civitavecchia, we stopped at La Posta Vecchia for a lecture, 
and a delicious lunch, which included perfect roast chicken and ended with a dessert of pineapple carpaccio.

While I have not stayed at this hotel, after experiencing its ambiance, public rooms and gardens, it is high on my list for a real visit. Given its proximity to Rome, it makes for a nice alternative home base.

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