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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Packing for Another Journey

No matter how often I travel, I still do not have the art of packing down to a science. Sometimes I will pack for a month long trip the night before leaving.  Sometimes I pre-plan a long weekend trip a month in advance. Then there's the issue of what to take when traveling to a distant land, where there is no place to buy replacements, versus going to a major metropolis, where everything is available.

I remember once arriving in St. Petersburg with Mr. Wonderful. Our checked baggage did not arrive with us. The hotel provided us with T-shirts and a few necessities.  With that and our carry on bags we had almost everything we needed ... except for undies. No problem, I thought. There is an excellent shopping center across the street, and off we went. Except for one thing, I did not recall how to say "panties" in Russian! We figured it out. But, what if we'd landed in Tashkent and forgotten the telephone charger cord or our medication. Odds are that we'd be stuck without.

To obviate travel panic, I'd become a bit more organized and am always open to learning how to do something better. So, this time, before leaving on our next voyage, I am checking blogs and books for tips.

I've been checking my own list of ten essentials to take on any trip at Don't Leave Home Without It. In addition, I'm scanning my copy of The Organized Life: Secrets of an Expert Organizer by Stephanie Denton.

There is also the "Travel Planner" template in Apple's "Numbers" spreadsheet program. It sets up pages for itineraries, flight reservations, packing lists, emergency numbers, and more.

And, three Internet sites with great tips are the  Danielle Darcy Lifestyle Travel section,  Road Warriorette, and Jennifer Bower Design.  From harsh experience, Jen's tip that resonated most with me is:
Don’t forget to call your phone Service Provider for U/S or out of country travel package to avoid atrocious roaming fees.
image:  Jennifer Bower Design

So, what will I do, having read up on packing advice?  Who knows?  I have a few weeks before we go, so I have time to experiment.

P.S. One thing that I have discovered in the last year are Pack-It (tm) cubes from Eagle Creek Co. They come in various sizes, are virtually weightless, and a welcome element of organization

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