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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Room with a View

5:30 a.m., morning breaks over Rome
If you get a room with a view, then the Hassler Hotel in Rome can be enjoyable.  But, after a twenty year pause, returning to this hotel was a disappointment.

There is no question that the Hassler's location atop the Spanish Steps is terrific. A walk down those many steps leads straight to the Via Condotti, the heart of high end fashion shopping. A climb back up those steps helps burn off calories from lunch. And, sitting in the garden at the Hassler provides a quiet respite in the afternoon.
An artichoke tortoise in the garden
Here are the things about the Hassler that I liked:

  • Location.
  • Comfortable bed with crisp cotton sheets.
  • The best (strong) bath and shower water pressure anywhere.

Sconce in the bathroom
Here are the things that I did not like:
  • Room service is not 24 hours, so beware if you have to leave for the airport by 7:00 a.m.
  • An extra 20 Euros a day for Internet connection ...this on top of a 700 Euro room. Treating an Internet connection as something "extra" rather then a necessity irks me even more than the over-the-top charge.
  • It takes a very long time for the staff to answer the telephone.
  • There was no separate shower and the glass closure in the bathtub was only half a door (not unusual in Europe) ... so that strong water pressure contributed to a mini flood on the floor
  • The general feeling that that place is tired.
Lobby flowers were out of proportion to the chest they were on and no where near as nice as similar flower arrangements  at the George V.

Lots of red and gold in the lobby ... perhaps too much.
Overall, I doubt I will return here.

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