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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Il Convivio

Il Convivio Troiani is a Michelin starred restaurant on the Vicolo dei Soldati in Rome. Our taxi zig-zagged at great speed to get us there leaving me feeling lost and disoriented. Then we had to walk a hundred feet down a dark lane to get to the door. Fortunately the sign was well lit. But, the door had no handle!  Made me think there was a secret knock to be followed by a "Guido sent me" code. We rang the bell, gave our name (it worked), and were swiftly ushered in.

Mr. Wonderful and I had an unfashionably early reservation at 8:00 p.m., so the restaurant, which consists of a few adjoining rooms, was virtually empty when we sat down. This gave me the chance to look around and enjoy the minimal though quirky decor ...

Il Convivio's menu is small and there is no room for deviation. However, the choices were delicious, made fresh daily from organic ingredients, and said to be typically Roman ...

I had forgotten to bring my camera, so I had to depend on my old iPhone ... which does not do well in evening light. But, I was not the only one in the little restaurant with electronics. Across from us sat a young Russian family with two children, who seemed to be between the ages of 8 and 12. The children hardly said a word, so rapt were they reading their iPads. I mentioned to Mr. Wonderful that I never expected to see little kids with iPads in a formal restaurant. He pointed out that iPads kept the kids busy and let their parents have a peaceful meal. He also reminded me that when our parents took us to restaurants they would bring coloring books or other distractions. The only difference was that there were no iPads when we were 12 years old.
He was right, and so deserved to enjoy his wine while I contemplated buying the new iPad 2 when we returned home.

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