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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Vechhia Roma Redux

Ever since we had lunch at Ristorante Vecchia Roma, on the Piazza di Campitelli,
we've wanted to return. I wrote about Lunch in Ancient Rome a little over a year ago, and we recently had the chance to go back.  Any qualms we had about the restaurant not living up to our memory and expectations were quickly dissipated by the lovely service and food.

There were a lot of choices for a first course.  
After deep thought, we began with cool spinach dressed in olive oil and lemon.
Since most of Italy is never more than 150 miles from the sea, fresh seafood is 
plentiful, and we decided on a luscious pasta with clams and broccoli for our main course.

Before ...
After ...
Naturally, we ended with dessert:  strawberry tiramisu and coffee.
And, naturally, after a splendid meal, Mr. Wonderful was happy!

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