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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Amazing Apple Customer Service

Valextra iPad case in blue
I had the most amazing Apple Customer Service experience. Just before we left on our long trip to Italy, my iPad started acting up. I checked that the firmware and software were up to date, but the problems persisted. So, I made an online appointment at the Apple store and brought in my device.

A young, tattooed, multi-pierced-eared guy with wacky frizzy hair stepped up to help me. I wondered if we could even communicate. We did!  He checked my iPad and agreed that it was indeed malfunctioning. Then he checked the iPad's serial number and told me that I had purchased it more than a year ago and it was out of warranty. But not too much out of warranty ... meaning that he could waive the time period. Within 10 minutes, I had a brand new iPad at zero cost to me. How super is that?

While in Rome, just off the luxury shopping street of Via Condotti, on Via Bocca di Leone, we came across Valextra, a gorgeous leather goods shop.
The Store in Rome
While gazing in the window trying to justify a purchase, I saw an iPad case. It is light weight, supple, and just the thing for my new iPad. As it turns out, the iPad case was the only thing we bought [chocolates don't count] on the whole trip.  Thanks, Apple!

P.S. If you can't get to Italy, Valextra is available stateside at Barneys New York.


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