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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Portofino is a calm and dreamy anchorage. Staying here involves lots of lounging about,
and looking a yachts.
Outside our balcony, the 65 meter Silver Angel rests behind Mi Sueno, a "smaller" vessel. I liked the look of the Silver Angel until I checked the photos in the link -- it needs massive redecoration in my view. And, at night, its name (on each side of the yacht) was illuminated in bright lights ... sheesh!

The mega yacht in the back of the photo is the 62 meter Moneikos.  I admired it's beauty and sleekness, surprising due to its size.  Even more, I admired its captain, who backed it into a narrow slip between two other boats.

 Even our hotel room had clipper ship prints (with U.S. flags) on each wall!

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