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Monday, April 11, 2011

The Rewards of New York in the Rain

View from Madison Square Park 
Sometimes when you travel, it rains. Waiting for the rain to stop before going out may mean that you never do anything. My solution is to always have a raincoat and umbrella.  My favorite trench coat [about 20 years old and going strong] keeps the wind out; its lining plus a scarf and few thin layers of sweaters keep me warm; a collapsible umbrella and gloves take care of the rest.
The Empire State Building in the rain  
Outside tables immediately available
Spring Flowers in the rain

The other day, Mr. Wonderful and I stepped out from our hotel into a semi sunny morning. We decided to walk several miles to Madison Square Park to try a new restaurant for lunch:  A Voce. Half way to the park, the rain started, the temperature dropped, and the wind picked up.  We arrived at the restaurant a half hour before our reserved time. No problem, the staff greeted us like friends and quickly gave us a table in a warm spot.  

Anticipating a serious dinner later in the day, we sampled vegetables like Verza piccola (lemony roasted brussels sprouts with chiles) and Cavolfiore (caulifower with dried organge and 
pecorino followed by Orato (dorade with almonds). The fish was good and the vegetables were sublime --though I would have cooked them for another minute. For more insights into hearty vegetables see the recent article in The Wall Street Journal on Meat the Meaty Veggies.

Beautiful Brussels Sprouts
We shared a dessert of fresh doughnut balls -- bomboloni alla toscana -- with bittersweet chocolate sauce.  Yum.
Bomboloni with Chocolate Sauce
The limoncello marshmallows were a surprise and a half. Fabulous.
Limoncello Marshmallows
A Voce, which means word of mouth, gets my vote -- rain or shine.  Pass it on.


  1. Jasmina, I went to OC Fair on Sunday and met a woman at a food demo who told me about your blog (she said you worked together at some time). Hearing that I was from Serbia, she told me about you (was not sure if your blog was "East of Paris" or "West of Paris", but she knew your name:)
    I am glad to find somebody from the "old country" here in Cali.
    We moved here from Ohio 2 and a half years ago and are still feeling like tourists:)
    Looking forward to getting to know you better through your blog:)
    Lana (bibberche.com)

  2. Small world. Thanks (хвала) for reading.


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