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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Food Markets -- the Real Amusement Parks

At the entrance of Eataly
I once worked with a man, a southerner, who used an expression I never quite understood.  If you were really happy meant you must be in "hog heaven."    
May be being in hog heaven is like going to Disneyland. And, for me, an adult version of Disneyland is a beautiful market. Harrods Food Halls in London is a favorite stop. Every time I go there, I wish I had a nearby apartment with with a full kitchen. However, I do not have an apartment in London, and it is a bit far to travel just for groceries.

Then there is the open air market in Zagreb.  
Fresh water crabs

A fabulous selection of fresh food and flowers but inconveniently far.

Closer to home, though still far, is Eataly in Manhattan off of Madison Square Park [not to be confused with Madison Square Garden]. From the minute I walked into Eataly until the minute I left, I had a broad smile on my face. I was ready to buy everything but Mr. Wonderful pointed out that carrying fresh fish and fruit on the airplane to California would not work. I said, "wouldn't it be great to have an apartment with full kitchen here in New York?" [Hint, hint] He just raised his eye brows and said that if it is really successful, then there will soon be an Eataly in LA and the drive will be doable. [Hmmm.]

After a walk up and down each aisle, I narrowed by immediate wants and bought pasta, nougats and a few sauces.  But, oh how I wish I could have done more.

Fresh pasta before...
and after.
The butcher shop ...
and the fish monger.
Unlike Harrods, Eataly specializes in Italian imports and cuisine.  Even though Mr. Wonderful is not interested in a New York apartment, he is taking me to Italy soon. He let me know that I could eat up a storm and visit lots of markets when we get there ... provided that I make a commitment to the treadmill from now until we fly off.  So is he a meanie or a nice guy?   Hmmm?

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