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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Eggs

Alexander III Equestrian Egg
photo from RIA Novosti
Christ is Risen!  Happy Easter!

One of the traditions we follow as a family is decorating and coloring eggs. My mother is the artistic one. She melts bees wax and "paints" designs on hard-cooked egg shells. Then we dye them. On Easter Sunday, we crack the eggs to symbolize the stone being rolled back and the tomb being miraculously opened -- the Resurrection. This year, unfortunately, mother accidentally broke her hand on Great Friday.  Her friend took her to the urgent care center.  All will be well, but healing takes time and is uncomfortable.  The Easter egg tradition will hold for another year.

Meanwhile, we are enjoying seeing photos of FabergĂ© Eggs here and reading about Natural Dyes for use in the future.
How to color Easter eggs with natural dyes

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