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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Diamonds are Forever

"Diamonds are Forever" was the theme of a fancy black tie affair that Mr. Wonderful and I recently attended ... it all sounds so lovely especially when in support for a good cause.  But, within five minutes of arriving, we looked at one another and decided it would be a long time before we attended another such event.

The evening started with our getting dressed:  a tuxedo for him and a black evening ensemble for me.  My outfit included an 18th century gentleman's brocade and silk coat that I bought in Salzburg and which covers a multitude of historic calories.  Somehow, everything seemed a bit tight and my high-heeled shoes seemed too high.  Nonetheless, we squeezed ourselves into our clothes and into the car and off we went.

We arrived at our destination, checked in, and then braved the crush. Three hundred people balanced drinks and plucked passed appetizers off of trays while wandering around tables displaying silent auction items. The thing about good causes, they are always seeking funding and trying to entertain donors into giving more.  So, there are many things to bid on but little room to move.  The other night, we only managed to get one appetizer and then found a corner to stand in without getting jostled by other enthusiasts.

At 8:00 p.m. everyone proceeded to the dining room where we were served a salad and then sat through a live auction before dinner could be served.

There were paddles at each "diamond" decorated place setting to make it easy to bid on fun items like cruises or dinners with celebrity chefs -- all auctioned off by a charming celebrity host. Afterwards, music and dancing. 

So why am I being a curmudgeon?

Well, there is the need to get back into shape to fit into the inventory of black tie event clothes. While no one is to blame for this problem but ourselves, it sets things up for a poor attitude.

Mr. Wonderful and I have become "morning" people -- dogs and their routines can lead to this. So, being served dinner after 9:00 p.m. and ultimately getting home after midnight is a chore. The music and dancing are nice but it is all too loud. Conversation with friends is virtually impossible. As for auction items, we are at the the point of wanting nothing and rather just make a donation.
Overall, while we enjoyed ourselves, the minuses outweighed the pluses.  Next year, if we are invited, we'll just send a contribution and get to sleep early.

P.S. May be I was especially tired because my make-up person applied false eye lashes [for the first and last time] and my eye lids were fatigued

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