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Thursday, March 10, 2011


This is my 144th post on the 1-year anniversary of this blog.  144 = 122  which works out to an average of 12 posts per month that generated 5000 hits or visits.  Not bad, considering that I have not done this before nor have I had any readership goals.  Initially I did not know if I would have enough to write about over the course of a year. Then it became a question of time and dedication.  It has been fun.  So, I will continue and see if I can blog for another year.  

Many thanks to all of you who have visited this site from all over the world and commented either here or via email.  

Below is a list of countries (in order of frequency of visits) where East of Paris has been read ...


 United States



 Czech Republic


 United Kingdom




 Russian Federation

 Puerto Rico











 Hong Kong










 Moldova, Republic of








 Satellite Provider


 New Zealand




 Bosnia and Herzegovina



 Iran, Islamic Republic of

 Saudi Arabia



 Korea, Republic of




 South Africa







 Dominican Republic



 United Arab Emirates









 Sri Lanka

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