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Saturday, February 26, 2011


I have not been blogging as frequently as before or as much as I would like.  There are a number of reasons for my slower pace including the desire to resuscitate my other blog, which deals with financial issues for women [i.e., money honey].  I am still struggling to come up with a better name for that blog, now called Real Liberation.  Mr. Wonderful says that no one talks about "women's liberation" any more, so the name sounds dated.  [I don't mind his observation, but it would have been nicer if accompanied by a suggested new name.]  The other thing that has set me back time-wise is trying to learn WordPress.

Many of the blogs I read covering a wide spectrum of topics use and tout WordPress.  As I have discovered these last few months, WordPress is much harder than Google's Blogger tool.  Each of these blogging platforms has pluses and minuses and its own idiosyncrasies, so I was not going to give up just because the WordPress templates that I bought were not as simple to activate, tweak and use as the Blogger templates.  To help me I did what I usually do in these situations, I bought a book and searched the Internet.

WordPress For Dummies, 3rd EditionWordPress For Dummies, 3rd Edition, seemed like the place to start.  It gave a good explanation of the pros and cons of WordPress.com versus WordPress.org.  It provided a lot of other information but none of it really "stuck" in my head.  Next, I found the Christina Hills Website Creation blog.  This website provides a lot of useful information and positive encouragement. Christina Hills also teaches workshops on WordPress, but so far her schedule and mine have not meshed.  

To move things along, I decided to outsource and found a local website design and development service.  Local includes people in India, which adds a 12-1/2 hour time zone delay to everything. And, it seems that the templates I bought are not as flexible or malleable as I'd thought, so we are having a few customization challenges.  I'm almost done with the outsourcing help.  But, I could not resist another foray to the bookstore.  

Building a WordPress Blog People Want to Read (2nd Edition)This time, I think a found the perfect book for my needs.  No, it's not "WordPress for Idiots" [which does not exist but best expresses my level of understanding; actually, I should have been looking for The Complete Idiot's Guide to WordPress, which I only discovered today].  The book that has come to my rescue is Building a WordPress Blog People Want to Read (2nd Edition) by Scott McNulty.  This book is clear and to the point with many illustrations and bits of humor thrown in.  I have read it with a yellow highlighter in my hand and feel that it will be a handy reference until I get used to WordPress.  I think I'll also sign up for a Christina Hills workshop because they look like fun.

P.S.  If you have any ideas for a catchy name for a blog about women, money and finance, please send them along.

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  1. Hi, it seems like you want to target a wide audience of women to help them to understand and deal with money issues so you don't want the name to be academic. The name should be just simple. How about Shefindsmoney or something easy for regular people who may have never taken any econ class? It really depends on your targeted audience


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