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Thursday, February 3, 2011

BFF goes Rogue

In response to the emails, comments, and calls I've received asking about Draga the doggie, I am pleased to report that her recvery from surgery is amazing.  Her appetite is back and making up for lost meals.  Her energy level is higher than ever.

While her plastic "Elizabethan Collar" has to stay on until Monday, she now uses it like a weapon.  Gone are the days when the collar would touch a wall or piece of furniture and stop her in her tracks,  Now she powers through using the Collar like a hook to move chairs or tackle the other dog in the house.
The other dog stands in the entrance hall and is a heavy wood sculpture by Galen Hansen.  We have a number of Hansen's paintings but only one of his rare sculpures, to which Draga took exception.  Somehow she hooked him with her Collar, dragged him a few feet, knocked him over, and broke his front paws.   We'll get it fixed, but if I ever take him to the Antiques Roadshow, he won't even be worth "two in the bush."
Originally I put the Chien Lunatique sign on the sculpure; now it ought to go on Draga!

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