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Friday, January 14, 2011

New Year and Auld That

Calendar in my "exercise" room courtesy of the iPhone
I'm not much for New Year celebrations or resolutions. In the first instance: staying up past my bedtime [regardless of the time zone], wearing silly hats, singing an unintelligible song with people who are slurring their words, is not my idea of fun. In the second instance: resolutions add too much to the "to do" list and cannot be quickly accomplished and, thus, "checked off." Nonetheless, I think I will set some goals for 2011.

Being an Orthodox "old" calendar girl, I've had two more weeks than most people to consider the whole matter of resolutions.  But not wanting to sound like a ship -- HMS Resolute, abandoned in the Arctic in the mid-1850s, pieces of which are now famous White House furniture -- I've decided to set a few "goals."  I've even tried out a few before today to test if I'm actually going to work on them.  Worse yet, I am going to set them out in writing in public!  Here they are ...

Read the 23 volumes of the Harvard Classics that are on a high shelf in my library. Admittedly I read a lot and am always shocked when fellow lawyers admit to reading virtually nothing outside of work. Admittedly too, much of what I read for fun is "light" entertainment; so, I've decided that it's time to reread or read for the first time some timeless classics.  I started on this goal a few days ago [see the "Xes" on the calendar photo above]. Oh, and to be daring, I've started with Volume 13 -- Virgil's Aeneid. I am still making my way through translator John Dryden's  Dedication. After his 17th century English prose, I have the feeling that getting into "Arma virumque cano" will be easier and faster.

Exercise. Lurking deep in the background are 16 years of classical ballet training and years of yoga. At some point I went on exercise strike.  It is now time to negotiate an end to said strike and become a regular in my exercise room. I started a few days ago [see those "Xes" on the calendar]. It's only been treadmill while watching CNBC, Fox, MSNBC, the Food Network and H&G. [Yes, I watch them all and "I decide."] More activities to come and less of me there will be.

Write.  I write for business all the time; don't even think it is hard. But, when I write outside of business needs ... a whole new world of hesitation opens up. I've been blogging since March, partly to let my friends know my continuing adventures and partly to get over the hesitation of putting my words before an anonymous audience. This blog has been fun and rather unfocused, addressing lots of unrelated subjects. I have started the baby-steps on a second blog.  I want to address finance issues, especially for women. Statistics show that men and women are reaching retirement and simply have not planned for it. They don't know what they have, how to increase their security, or how to invest for the long term. I want to write about these issues.  If anyone reading this blog wants to suggest topics or ask specific questions, please, please send me your comments. I will respond and get moving on the new blog.

Reconnect.  As for "auld acquaintance," new avenues of social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, and good "old" e-mail, help me [re]connect with friends old and new. So, that's worth a "cup o’ kindness yet"  but absolutely no silly hats.


  1. Wonderful post! I love the idea of a finance blog. So many people have no idea what their future looks like. And good for you for getting back to exercising! It has truly been my saving grace in the last year. I go to a boot camp 2-3 times a week for full body work out - weights, agility, bands, cardio. It truly is the ONLY place that I shut out the rest of the world and it has been amazing therapy for me. I have an elliptical as well and it is a great place to indulge in my love for the teen series Glee on my iPod :) I'm trying to get Bill out to the track at Pomona College tomorrow to get him moving a little.

    And, we eagerly await your first book. Bill still tells people about your emails from Moscow and how vividly they portrayed your adventures.

    We will be around a little more as the weather warms...

    I'm off to start The Accidental Journey - a gift from an old friend of my dad. I've graded my fair share of mediocre research paper drafts from my seniors this week.

  2. Lots of good goals here. I'm the same way with a check-off list. I have a weekly itinerary that I check through, and depend on, to keep my writing projects on track. I clicked over from Melissa's blog, enjoyed browsing here ...


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