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Monday, January 3, 2011

Garden District

On our last day in New Orleans, we took time to drive to the Garden District and walk the quiet narrow streets lines with lovely houses.  The weather had warmed up considerably since our arrival, and one could feel the beginnings of the hot and steamy atmosphere.

The House on First Street: My New Orleans Story (P.S.)Majesty of the Garden District, The (Majesty Series)Between walking and driving, we chanced upon the Garden District Book Shop, which, though small, featured a very good selection of books together with helpful staff.  Given where we were, I could not resist buying Lee Malone's Majesty of the Garden District with its luxurious photos of some of the area's historic houses. I also found Julia Reed's The House on First Street.  I have enjoyed her articles in Vogue and Newsweek and at Women on the Web for years, and seeing her book about buying and restoring a house just blocks from where we were was too tempting.  I read it on the flight home thoroughly enjoying its hilarious, yet poignant, story.  Later I realized that we'd walked past Reed's house on First Street as well as past many of the houses in the Malone book.

While my photos of Garden District homes are not necessarily book worthy, here are some samples. 
As I was snapping pictures, I realized that in winter, when at least some of the trees are bare, you can see more of the architectural detail of the houses.  Also, the air is fresher without the humid tropical rot aromas of summer.

Street car and electric lines are unavoidable.

We came upon several groups of people walking about also taking photos.  The most fun was listening to a family from France, guidebooks and cameras in hand, doing here what we do there -- being consummate tourists.

The corn motif on this iron fence made me wonder if  someone trades corn futures.

A touch of spooky

Most of the streets were narrow and virtually trafficless, which made slow wandering back and forth a safe treat.
Echoes of Palladio

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  1. This is fantastic! Our visit in August of last year was "Tulane" oriented, so had less time to wonder around, but did drive a little around the Garden District and of course the French Quarter.
    Thanks for the tips on the books, I am placing an order!!
    I did get a couple of boxes of Beignet Mix from Cafe du Monde,
    so if you happen to miss them, let me know:):):)


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