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Friday, January 28, 2011

BFF -- A Tale of Two Tails -- Addendum

Whenever Mr. Wonderful or I are working at home, the doggie, Draga [which means “dear one”], naps under a desk or near a chair. We always need to check where to put a foot or whether we can roll a chair in any direction so as not to inadvertently step on her. She has always been a dog ready for hugs and closeness, even more so in the last two months since she has become blind.

Unfortunately, Draga’s blindness is not curable.  She developed both cataracts and macular degeneration.  Complications with a cataract in one eye led to surgery a week ago today. She got an intrasceleral prosthesis, a fancy term for a sort of glass eye.  Even though her vet did not conduct the surgery, he paid a house the night of the surgery. Yes, a HOUSE CALL. Who knew the medical profession still did that?  Dr. Mannix arrived on our door step together with a small black leather bag filled with vet things and more pain killers.
Even with the medicines from her vet, Draga and I spent a rather sleepless night … she whimpering, me sitting next to her saying “good dog” over and over.  In the morning, after trying to “negotiate’ with her about the need for food and medicine [three kinds of pills several times a day], I finally decided that the time had come for action.  Prying open her jaws, I slipped her pills into her throat, then shut her mouth and massaged her throat until she swallowed.  She was resting more comfortably, when Dr. Mannix paid us a second house call, yes, that’s right:  a second HOUSE CALL, on a Saturday to boot.  Will wonders never cease?
He gave her fluids, showed me how to administer injections for pain, and brought  "magic" beef flavored Greenie's Pill Pockets, which make administering pills akin to giving a treat.

Now, a week later, Draga has regained her energy and I am back to writing with my buddy sitting near my desk. [To read how Draga came into our lives, go here.]

PS -- I am only writing about this whole episode thanks to the Blog:  Writing with Style, which suggested posting about our "writing buddies."  Even though my buddy and I have been feeling rather out of it this week, Draga is worth the effort of caring for her and writing about her.


  1. What a sweetheart! They become such an integral part of our lives, don't they? I'm glad she's doing better. :-)

  2. I'm glad Draga is feeling better! Lucky girl to have you to take care of her. They look so pitiful in their elizabethan collars, don't they?

  3. I'm glad Draga is feeling better too! What a beautiful name she has too.

    I have a friend, Paula, who is now dealing with a blind dog-the result of a cougar attack that her dog Tux was lucky to survive. Tux is adjusting well to his new world-but Paula told me that she forgot and moved a chair the other day-and Tux ran into it! He is adjusting beautifully though-and Paula will too eventually:)

  4. Poor sweet dog. Our dog is getting rather aged and is almost completely deaf at this point. It's sad to see our pets age.


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