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Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Orleans

Jackson Square a/k/a Place D'Armes with St. Louis Cathedral in the background 

Five years after Hurricane Katrina and we're in New Orleans.  Mr. Wonderful focused on dining opportunities, while I enjoyed walking in the French Quarter looking at the shops and in the Garden District looking at the houses. Everywhere we walked or drove, both here and in southern Mississippi, looked good.  We saw a great deal of progress from the devastation wrought by the storm. Admittedly we did not see everything and there are still signs of storm damage, but what we did see gives us a lot of confidence in the future here.

Classic views from in and around the Vieux CarrĂ©
The court of the Windsor Court Hotel

Books and more books

The French Market
A view from Jackson Square

Too early to open the shutters

Christmas decorations
Gas lights at a hotel
Street artist

Street art

Blue Dog Art Gallery

Grill Balconies

Gone with the Wind

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