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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


While we're in the "Crescent City," fine dining is our favorite sport. Today's lunch was at Emeril's a few blocks off Canal Street in the Warehouse District.  I was here more than twenty years ago for dinner with a group of ten. I remembered the unique flavors and twists on classic dishes; I also remembered a taste of ten different desserts!  Despite being a long-time fan of Emeril's TV shows and cuisine, modesty ruled the day ... after all, there would be dinner later.
We studied the menu
while sipping wine and munching beautiful bread

then we selected gumbo followed by mahi-mahi served over fried green tomatoes and cole slaw.
We shared a dense dark chocolate cake with double whipped cream on fresh berry coulis sprinkled with glazed toasted pine nuts.  


  1. Years ago, a friend of mine once brought me a menu from Emeril's Fish House in Vegas - I still have it hanging in my classroom. I love the pictures of your meal! Hope you are having a wonderful time!

  2. We had a lovely time. The visit was short but enough to know we'll be back.

  3. Lordy, I feel so full after looking at your photos - I will never eat AGAIN!



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