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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ladies Who Lunch

A friend of mine and I just tried a new restaurant in Newport Beach:  True Food Kitchen.  Located at Fashion Island, True Food Kitchen is a reasonably priced very popular spot serving fresh and healthy cuisine.  OK, so Mr. Wonderful will avoid it in favor of  the adjacent Flemings Steakhouse, but he's a he and I'm a lady who went to lunch.
I arrived first and was handed a buzzer that would notify me when my table was ready.  I sat outside on a comfortable bench and people watched.  The restaurant patrons consisted of young and old, business persons and dressed-to-the-nines shoppers.  A Maybach idled at the valet parking stop. [That car's size, shape, and curtains on the back windows remind me of a hearse.  Or is that just me?]   Finally, the buzzer buzzed, my friend arrived, and we were seated at an outside table.

The outside tables are under a canvas canopy and there are overhead heaters nearly everywhere.  So despite the recent cool and rainy weather, we were very comfortable.  The servers were friendly and knowledgeable about the menu.  They were also fast but did not make us feel rushed. 

We shared the crudite plate pictured above ... crispy and delicious. I then had a quinoa salad with yellow beats and pomegranate garnish.  Even more delicious.  A glass of white wine didn't hurt. And we had plenty of sparkling mineral water, served in what looked like glass milk bottles.
Afterward, I crossed the parking lot to go to my favorite Fashion Island stores -- Apple computer, Barnes and Noble, and Neiman Marcus.  An afternoon of lunching and shopping can be ever so exhausting.  On my way home I picked up a cheesecake.

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