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Friday, October 1, 2010

Home Cooking Aromas

With October, the aromas of pumpkin pie and apple spiced potpourri begin invading my spaces.  I love these smells, which signal a long leisurely fall season.

Nonetheless, there is something very satisfying about the simple smell of onions and garlic sizzling in butter or olive oil.  Mr. Wonderful always makes appreciative comments that I must be cooking something good when he comes into the house and smells the aroma of these basics.  Little does he know that I am still trying to decide what to add to the onions and garlic and what to make to dinner. 
That's the magic of simple ingredients -- they make a perfect foundation to almost any meal.

The tallest garlic I have seen was at the Botanical Graden in Madrid.  We arrived from California jet lagged and our room was not yet ready at the Hotel RItz.  To stay awake while waiting for our room, we walked across the street to the garden.

photo by V. Dravinski
The onion display is from the Dolac open-air green market in Zagreb.

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