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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Golf with Bambi

Exactly a week ago, when taking the taxi from downtown Cleveland to the airport, I saw a deer in the highway divider.  He was huge.  He looked up and seemed to consider whether to leap out of the tall grass and cross the road.  For a moment, my heart stopped -- fearing that the cab might hit such a magnificent animal.
This near hit-and-miss, reminded me how peaceful it is to see deer on the golf course.  On the Monterrey Peninsula, they blend in so well with the landscape that they are hard to see.  And being used to people, they ignore us as we proceed down the fairways of our favorite golf courses.  The does even let us come close to their spotted young "Bambis."


  1. Hi Jasmina,
    My son is attending school outside of Burlingame, CA, at Notre Dame de Namur. He is on their golf team. When I took him to school in September, we visited their home golf course. There are deer everywhere; on the golf course, even on the campus of the school! What a beautiful sight to behold, to be sure.

  2. They are amazing. I am always afraid we might hit them with a golf ball.


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