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Monday, October 25, 2010

BFF - A Tale of Two Tails [Part 1]

Once upon a time, long ago, when I could fit into slinky evening dresses, Mr. Wonderful took me to a ball.

There were lovely ladies in long flowing glittering gowns and men looking handsome in tuxedos [which happen to make all men handsomer]. There were waiters sashaying with trays of champagne and wine. There were luscious hors d'oeuvres, delicious food, and wonderful music. And, unlike in grand-mama's day, there was a silent and a live auction.

It's simply a fact that most balls and similar opportunities for dress-up come with the obligation to support a charity. In addition to buying a ticket to attend, there is the further understanding that one will bid on the antiques, art works, restaurant dinners, and trips that may be offered up for auction. During the cocktail hour, one mingles while looking at silent auction items, occasionally writing down a bid. In between dinner courses items are auctioned live and ball attendees slip out to the antechamber to powder their noses or check their bids on silent auction items. So, it was of no import that Mr. Wonderful slipped out after the salad course.

While he was away, some furious bidding arose over an adorable yellow Labrador puppy. The poor pouch looked tiny and scared and very sleepy as a Kennel Club enthusiast walked around holding him. Meanwhile, the auctioneer milked the sentimental audience. It seemed some bidders seated on the far side of the ballroom were raising their numbered paddles each time the auctioneer shouted a new bid. When the numbers reached a large number, I looked around for Mr. Wonderful. I was sorry he was missing the action. But, he was nowhere to be seen. I did not want to leave to find him because I wanted to know where the bidding would close. It closed significantly higher.
     "Some crazy person paid a fortune for that puppy," I told Mr. Wonderful when he finally slipped into his chair next to me.

     "We got the dog," he said with a huge grin.

     "No, darling, it was some nut case way on the other side of the room. You missed all the excitement when you were out."

     "We got the dog," he repeated.

     "But you were out!"

     "No, I was the crazy guy bidding while standing behind one of the decorations, so you couldn't see me," he answered.

    "You paid what for a dog? What are we going to do with him?"  It was a good thing the room was noisy and he did not hear my voice rising to an almost screech.

  "It's a she not a he, and she also comes with a crate, food, and an introductory vet visit." Mr. Wonderful made it sound like such a bargain.

   "O.K.,"  I sighed.  "Just one thing, darling, dogs aren't cats; they need to be trained and walked." 

   "We can handle it," he answered. "Now, shall we dance?"

And, that is how the first "Tail" came into our lives. Late at night, on a cold and rainy February. We named her Sasha.

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