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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Engineering Question

I have a question about electric polls.

Everywhere we travelled in Central Asia, I noticed two kinds of polls carrying electric wire through the countryside.   They were either tall concrete polls or wooden polls with "boosters" ... look carefully at the photos left and below and notice the dark brown wood poll boosted up by lighter colored wood or concrete blocks attached at the bottom of the poll.  Often there was an extra poll, like the leg of a triangle, seeming to hold up a vertical poll.  The extra polls also came with their own "boosters."

I couldn't stop photographing them.


Lost Hills, California
A contrasting US poll that I photographed last week is here on the right. No extra boosters or supports.

So, my question is, why the added lift for the electric polls? Instead, why not have the newer concrete polls be shorter?  When attaching an angled poll, why not change the angle or the point of attachment to obviate the need to give the support poll a lift?

Any engineers out there who can provide insights?

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