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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Grunwald 1410

Today is the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald, fought near StÄ™bark, Poland, where the the armies of the Kingdom of Poland, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and their Tatar allies defeated the Teutonic Knights.  For more infomation go here and here.

The family protoplast (i.e., my great-great-etc.-grandfather) and his sons fought there.  This weekend, some 2000 "knights" will engage in a reenactment of the battle.  Wish I could be there to see it. 

Instead, I will peruse and reread my favorite parts of the wonderful Henryk Sienkiewicz book [translated into English by Alicia Tyszkiewicz and excellently edited and revised by Miroslaw Lipinski] about the casus belli and the colorful and passionate historic figures who took part.

P.S., the painting at the top of this post is The Battle of Grunwald by Jan Matejko.  Painted in 1878, it measures 4.26 x 9.87 meters and is on display at the National Museum in Warsaw.

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