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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Home Town Boy

Last month, on the way to Samarqand, we stopped in Shahrizabz.  This is the birth place of Tamerlane aka Amir Temur aka Sword of Islam aka Conqueror of the World aka Scourge of God [well, there is some competition for that one]. His father and two of his sons are buried here.  The people of Sharizabz are very proud of their "home town boy" as our guide called him, and there is a huge statue of him in the central square.  Copies of the same statue are found in many cities in Uzbekistan.

The city also has a distinctive embroidery design with a scorpion, which is rather pretty.
Some of the monuments here are not as polished or restored as elsewhere and have real charm.

The school children were very friendly and waived everywhere we went.

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