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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Happy Anniverary

Last week Mr. Wonderful and I celebrated 10 years of marriage.  When deciding where to go for a few days, we used the same criteria as we did in picking a honeymoon destination:  same time zone, not too hot.  And, recently having been far away, we did not want to get on an airplane.  We went to Whistler, Canada for our honeymoon; this time we went to the The Resort at Pelican Hill  in Newport Beach, California.  The resort is only a half hour from our home and June weather is mild here.  As an added benefit, the best-of-mothers-in-law [my mom] took care of young Miss Wonderful and promised not to give her too many Milk Bones.
A brief word about my marriage.  First, getting married at age 40+ to a man who shares many of my interests, views, and foibles is concrete proof that miracles do happen -- then and everyday since.  Second, anniversaries, like marriages, have their pluses, like the spa at Pelican Hill, and their compromises, we played golf ... twice.  We gave each other thoughful gifts:  he was not required to watch the wedding videos [at least for now!] and I did not have to get on the treadmill he gave me for my birthday [at least until July!].  And we generally had fun: he watching the golf chanel, me reading thrillers on my iPad, and other activities that I will leave to the imagination.
Now, about the resort.   It's seemed so strange to go somewhere close to home, but I'm glad we did.  It is one of the nicest places we've stayed. We had a luxurious spacious "bungalow" with an ocean view.  There was wi-fi [which I consider a necessity, like hot water] everywhere and it was included in the price -- all hotels should do this.  The room had a Cuisinart grind and brew coffee maker, a bit tricky to use but worth figuring out since the organic beans provided made a splendid pot of coffee. The shower was separate from the tub and with room for the proverbial two; on the other hand, flow restrictors took the oomph out of the rain shower head.  [Don't the enviro people understand that if there are flow restrictors, you have to spend twice as much time in the shower to rise out  shampoo?]

The enormous circular salt-water pool was fun to swim across.  Then we sat on lounge chairs admiring the view and reading.  The spa facilities were excellent.  Before my massage appointment, I took advantage of the eucalytpus scented steam room and then soaked in the large rectangular hot salt-water whirlpool.  The spa was virtually empty when I was there and it felt utterly luxurous having the facilities to myself.  If anything, I missed not having a wide-toothed comb or brush [as are provided in other spas] to use after washing my hair.  Otherwise, it was as good as it gets.  The resort's website has beautiful photos.

We loved our dinner at Andrea, the Tuscan themed main restaurant at the resort. 
The service was seemless and attentive without being obsequious.  The menu was varied and everything we ordered was delicous.  For example, scallops had just a touch of chopped pancetta adding flavor but not overpowering the main item. The osso bucco was fork tender and the bone yielded lots of juicy marrow.  

The next day we went somewhere else and shared a slice of tiramisou  ... its very name makes it the perfect anniversary dessert.

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