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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Katyn II

The subheading of this Blog is “Travel, Dine, Live.”  That last point, about life, is not merely about life style and fun.   While I want this to be a light-hearted Blog, I cannot avoid acknowledging yet another tragedy that happened East of Paris.

This morning I woke to the news that a significant slice of the Polish government, including its President, had died in a plane crash on approach to an airfield near Smolensk.  They were en route to commemorate the execution of thousands of Polish officers 70 years ago in Katyn forest by Soviet forces (then allied with Germany).  Seventy years ago an important part of the Polish nation, fighting to preserve freedom, was killed through unremitting evil.  Today, an important part of the leadership of that nation, working to restore democracy and build economic prosperity, died through human error.  The losses are grievous, the timing ironic.  For more insights, go hereherehere, and here.

While I know I will go back to writing about easy topics, I also know that the tragedies of our fellow man – our brothers and sisters -- underscore how precious life is and how its very uncertainty means we should cherish and be mindful of all our blessings.

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