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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


It has been a week since I walked into the Apple store and walked out with an iPad [the 32GB variety] and the official iPad case. The clamor of Apple aficionados and of Apple detractors proved to be too much, and I had to get one and check it out for myself. Overall, I am satisfied with my purchase. It is a beautiful addition to my tech/gadget collection. Apple caught me with the iPod Nano and has had me ever since -- I keep buying their products and their stock.

The iPad does not do everything that an iPhone or a laptop can to, but I don’t expect it to -- no more than I expect my oven and toaster to do the same things, despite the fact that they both generate heat and are involved with cooking. The CFO of my company calls the iPad a good “coffee table” item: you can pick it up anywhere in a Wi-Fi enabled house and comfortably read books, e-mail, jot a quick note, etc.

Here are the things I like about my iPad:
  • I can easily carry around lots of books -- downloaded from the Apple iBook App [a limited number of titles available as yet] or from Amazon [requires downloading their free App first];

  • It is easy to check e-mail and my favorite blogs while drinking morning coffee in bed;

  • Reading is easier than on the iPhone because the screen is bigger;

  • I read or check e-mail while sitting on the sofa with Mr. Wonderful, who is wrapped up watching the latest re-runs on Animal Planet or the History channel; and

  • It is an elegant device with sharp colors and clarity and with Apple’s signature ease of use.

I doubt I will buy the iPad with 3G capability, since for work or travel I prefer my more versatile laptop. But, for the limited purposes I have for it, the iPad is the light-weight easy-to-use device I want.

[photo from the Apple website]

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