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Saturday, March 13, 2010

What We Are Reading Now

Books are like breathing -- can’t live without them.  Mr. Wonderful and I are always running out of shelf space, rearranging the library, and adding books to every room.  Typically, we have a few books going at a time, and our tastes are eclectic.  
Here is what we are reading now: 
In further preparation for our trip,he’s reading The Lost Heart of Asia (P.S.)  Shortly after the fall of the USSR, Colin Thubron traveled through the ‘Stans we’ll be visiting and he describes the scenery, both natural and man-made.  I’m reading Tears of Pearl (Lady Emily Mysteries, Book 4) by Tasha Alexander.   It’s got a murder in the Sultan’s harem in Istanbul, a titled English protagonist, romance, and jewels .  A fun read, though Mr. Wonderful won’t touch it.

I am also re-reading So Stressed: The Ultimate Stress-Relief Plan for Women, written by my wonderful doctor, Stephanie McClellan M.D., and her colleague, Beth Hamilton M.D.  This book explains how our personality types impact how we process stress which in turn impacts our health.  I wasn’t sure I believed it, but the things I’m reading here simply make sense.  This time through, I'm underlining key sentences and taking notes.

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