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Monday, March 22, 2010

Une Amuse-Bouche

Creative things can be very simple and yet stunning.  In trying to do something creative this weekend for the first day of spring, I thought of a simple and beautiful amuse-bouche that we sampled at the George V in Paris.  An amuse-bouche is a small or bite-sized hors d’oeuvre that is designed to “amuse the mouth” or titillate the taste buds.  It is something the chef has prepared to surprise and delight patrons before they are served any of the dishes they’ve ordered.

Last spring, when we sat down to dine at the Le Cinq, the beautiful and elegant dining room at the George V, the waiter presented us with an amuse-bouche that was a tiny multilayered “sandwich” consisting solely of thin slices of red radish and green apple. Simple, stunning, refreshing, delicious.  No wonder Le Cinq has two Michelin stars.

Here is my replication of the green apple and radish amuse-bouche.



P.S.  People have a bouche (mouth) while animals have a gueule.   Sometimes, an amuse-bouche that doesn't thrill or that is just too big or off in some way is called an amuse-gueule. ;-)

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