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Friday, March 19, 2010

Puttin' on the Ritz

Sometimes the obvious escapes me until I see it.  About a year ago, we redecorated our bedroom.  Together with input from my interior decorator, I choose to have a tufted headboard in a pale blue suede.  It is beautiful.  But, as is with all things that come in contact with Mr. Wonderful and me, there is a bit of wear and tear.  Over the months, some of the suede has been rubbed smooth and has darkened.  This is because we read in bed and watch TV in bed and our heads and backs rub against the suede.  What to do?

The answer to the headboard preservation dilemma was an unexpected bonus of staying at the Ritz hotel in London.  My room gave a whole new meaning to posh.  There were heavy silk fabrics everywhere, including on the gilt-wood framed headboard.

How do they preserve the pristine condition of the headboard fabric?  The simple solution became obvious after the turn down service.  Each night the staff was puttin' on a heavy linen sheet over the headboard and covering the silk fabric.  Now, why hadn't we thought of that?

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