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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Field Trip to Beverly Hills

A friend of ours and his mother are auctioning off some paintings and jewelry with the proceeds to benefit several charities they support.  Last night the lots to be auctioned were on display at Heritage Auction Galleries in Beverly Hills.  Mr. Wonderful and I decided to attend the preview reception.

Attending events in southern California, especially on weeknights, requires planning.  How many cars?  If we are going together in one car, who is picking up whom?  What time?  A simple 50 mile drive from Newport Beach to Beverly Hills can take one hour or three, it all depends on the time of day or night you are on the road.  And Beverly Hills is not freeway convenient.

We decided on one car, and Mr. Wonderful would pick me up at my office after his golf game.  We were on our way at 3:30 p.m. for a reception starting at 6:30.  Traffic was with us, even though it was not a holiday, and we realized that we’d have time for a quick dinner before arriving at the Heritage Auction Galleries.  I checked a few restaurant availabilities using Open Table on my iPhone and made a reservation at The Grill on the Alley.  The Grill is an old standard with white linens, dark wood wainscoting, green shaded light fixtures, and solid steakhouse food. We had scrumptious tomato and onion salad followed by crab cakes. [Note: getting good tomatoes is a real achievement in California, where most of them seem like cardboard.]  We arrived to our reception feeling energized and relaxed. Saw the interesting auction items, chatted with our friends, had a glass of wine, and got home before 9:00.  A successful field trip.

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